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Small puppy dog laying on a wooden floor.

Are you planning to deworm your dog? Perhaps, you want to keep a healthier and more playful pet. Or maybe you're looking to prevent diseases that can put your pet's life at risk. If so, get the best dog deworming medication for your pup. Dogs have the habit of licking and chewing anything, including trash and dirt. This makes them susceptible to worms and parasites. But with regular deworming, you can keep all these at bay. For effective deworming, ensure to use the right deworming medicine for dogs or puppies. But with unlimited options, you might be wondering which is the right dewormer for puppies. Here are the questions you can ask about dog deworming medication beforehand.

Which Is the Right Dewormer For My Dog? There is a wide range of dewormers available for dogs. But they're different, and each of them treats specific worms. If used incorrectly, they might be ineffective. Before deworming your dog, consult a veterinary clinic. They'll examine your pup to find out the types of worms they have. Depending on the results, they'll advise you about the best dewormer for your canine friend. How Do I Give My Dog a Dewormer? Once your veterinarian discovers your dog's worms, they'll prescribe the best medication. They can prescribe either: • Tablets or liquid dewormers to be given orally • Topical liquid to be applied to the skin directly The tablets and liquid dewormers have good taste, so you can mix them with your pup's food and let them eat altogether. This makes the task of administering these dewormers a cinch. Always read the manufacturer's instructions on the medication packaging before deworming your dog. You'll ensure you have administered the treatment correctly. How Often Should I Give My Dog a Dewormer? The rate at which you administer deworming medication to your pup depends on their habits. Professionals advise deworming an adult dog that goes out often every 3 months. Dogs that don't go out often should undergo regular deworming, especially during the warmer seasons. For puppies, they should be dewormed after every two weeks until they're at least three months old. If, after deworming, you realize that your dog's health is deteriorating, visit an experienced veterinarian. They'll examine the pup and advise the best course of action. Can a Dewormer Make My Pup Sick? After deworming your dog, sometimes it might look unwell. Most people think the dewormers make their pups sick, which isn't true. After deworming, the worms interact with the dewormers releasing toxins. These toxins can make your pet feel queasy, but the effect doesn't last long. Some dog breeds are allergic to certain dewormers. So, it's important to check with your veterinarian which deworming medication suits your pet first. These Are Questions Asked About Dog Deworming Medication Dog deworming is crucial to keeping a healthier and happier pup. However, you should administer the best dewormer to your dog for positive results. Above are the questions you can ask about dog deworming medication to ascertain the best. If you're looking for spay and neuter, pet care, or boarding and grooming services, Amherst Veterinary Hospital has you covered. Contact us today to know more about our services.


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