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Cat & Dog Clinic


Keeping your furry friends healthy and happy doesn’t stop with general home care and nutrition. They need routine dental checkups, vaccinations and other related treatments for an extended life span. We are a full-service cat and dog clinic in Scarborough providing an extensive range of services all under one roof, including:

Flea and tick control

Keep your pet free of fleas and ticks with our gentle prevention treatments such as spot-on flea and tick products. If your cat is suffering from fleas and ticks, come to Amherst Veterinary Hospital, we’ll prescribe you the right medication for your furry friend.

Spaying and neutering

Spaying or neutering your cat/dog prevents unwanted births, reduces physical and sexual behaviours, and decreases the risk of getting cancer. If you think your cat needs to be spayed or neutered, our vet will make sure that the treatment is as stress-free as possible.


Kittens and puppies are susceptible to a range of infections due to their immature immune systems. They should be vaccinated at the appropriate time to avoid the exposure to life-threatening diseases. Vaccination for adult depends on their lifestyle; some vaccinations are compulsory and some are optional. Bring your pet to clinic to check if the vaccinations are up-to-date.

Dental care

Bad breath is the first sign of dental health problem in cats and dogs. If you notice your cat pawing or rubbing the mouth, dribbling or having difficulty eating, it could mean your pet has a dental problem. We can help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy by treating periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, inflamed gums and more.

Digital X-ray

At Amherst Veterinary Hospital, we use digital X-ray for precise diagnosis of injuries and conditions in your pet. With digital X-rays, we examine bones and joints, evaluate respiratory conditions and more, which aids in accurate treatment of the condition.

Pain relief

If your pet is in pain due to a minor accident or a major surgery, our vets can provide pain relieving injections or oral tablets. It will lessen the discomfort and help keep your pet calm.

Microchipping your pet

Don’t ever be worried of losing your pet with microchips from Amherst Veterinary Hospital. When the microchip is paired with the right contact information, you can be reunited with your lost pet. We inject a tiny microchip under the pet’s skin to make sure you will be notified if your pet is found by someone and is brought to a shelter or clinic.

Want to know more? Simply visit us at Amherst Veterinary Hospital for a checkup. If your pet is not feeling under the weather, you can opt for our house call services. Contact now!



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