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Microchipping Pets

Veterinarian checking microchip implant


At Amherst Veterinary Hospital, we know how daunting the thought of a pet getting lost is. Not knowing where your pet is and whether they're safe can be terrible. For this reason, we provide solutions for microchipping pets in Scarborough, Toronto and the GTA.


While cat and dog collars can help, they can easily slip off or be removed. Microchipping

increases the likelihood of your pet being found in the event of them becoming missing. The implant procedure is simple and doesn't hurt more than any vaccine shot.

If you'd like to learn more about microchipping pets in Scarborough and the nearby areas, please reach out. Besides this, we also offer online pet supplies.



What Is Microchipping?


As the term suggests, microchipping involves placing a microchip underneath your pet's skin. This chip functions as a tag and can be used to identify you as the owner if your pet runs away. These microchips don't cause any harm to your pet's body tissues. Veterinary offices and animal shelters can scan these microchips using radio frequency identification (RFID) scanners to access your contact information.

Would you like to know more about our services for microchipping pets in Scarborough? We would be happy to have a chat. We also offer vaccination services.

Cat Microchipping


Cats tend to wander and can become missing. Microchipping increases the chances of your cat being able to come back home. The procedure is quick, and your cat can return to you the

same day. Are you wondering whether our cat microchipping in Scarborough is a good idea? We would love to have a chat. Please get in touch with us today.

Dog Microchipping


Dog shelters often take in dogs from loving homes because they get lost. This puts a strain on their resources and prevents dogs in need from getting the care they require. With microchips, veterinarians and dog shelters can quickly identify your contact details and return your pet to you.

Please contact us for dog microchipping in Scarborough today. Our clinic also provides care for exotic animals.

Protect Your Pets

Our solutions for microchipping pets in Scarborough can improve their chances of returning home in case they go missing.

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