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Exotic Pet Care


Amherst Veterinary Hospital has trusted exotic vets working in Scarborough for your companions like snakes, hamsters, ferrets, birds, rabbits and more. Your pet’s health and well-being are very important to us, and we take every possible opportunity to provide exceptional veterinary care and give our patients the care they deserve.

Our staff is trained to handle and offer medical care for all sorts of exotic pets while also considering their unique nature. We encourage our veterinarians to attend avian and exotic animal medicine educational events. Our clinic is fully equipped to perform basic and advanced procedures on your exotic pets.

From boarding and grooming services to your pet’s behavioural issues and protecting them from various diseases, our veterinarians are trained and skilled to do it all efficiently!


When you bring your pet to our clinic, our exotic vet in Scarborough will provide comprehensive nutrition and medical care information for your feathered or scaly friends. Contact us to learn more!

Receive the Highest Exotic Vet Services in Scarborough

If you have a knack for giving a home to rabbits or exotic pets like ferrets and reptiles, you must be aware that the level of care and maintenance required for harbouring such exotic pets can become quite complex. Since such pets are usually not kept and are considered a rarity, keeping them in the best of their health can sometimes backfire.


We at Amherst Veterinary Hospital understand such scenarios. Be it a rare avian or a domestic rabbit species, our exotic vet in Scarborough offers exceptional precision in our veterinary care for your exotic pets.


Listed below is a handy list of our exotic vet care services in Scarborough:

Beak, nail and wing trim packages for our avian patients of all species and sizes

Ferret vaccinations

Rabbit (and other small mammals) spays and neuters

Rabbit and rodent dental assessments and procedures

Laboratory services for all species, including avian DNA sexing

On-site X-ray imaging


Apart from our exotic vet services in Scarborough, the Amherst Veterinary Hospital team is highly proficient in offering pet vaccinations. We also provide online pet supplies to have everything readily available to you from the comfort of your home. Drop us a line today!



Exotic vet care is an uncommon practice that takes extraordinary efforts and precise tools and equipment to keep exotic animals in the best shape.


We offer competitive pricing for treating your exotic pets in Scarborough. Read below to learn about our pricing.


Groom Your Pets With Us


Our team at Amherst Veterinary Hospital is skilled in offering top-quality boarding and grooming services for your exotic pets in Scarborough.

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