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Avian Vet

veterinarian in the clinic with a parrot


If you're searching for a trusted avian vet in Scarborough, Toronto, and the GTA, we invite you to our Amherst Veterinary Hospital. We know how to handle the needs of your pet bird and provide them with the comfort and care they deserve. Our experienced team can handle everything, from beak, nail, and wing trimming to avian DNA sexing.


Birds, like dogs and cats, have their requirements and need a dependable vet to them met.

As your avian vet in Scarborough, we offer the best possible veterinary solutions and ensure they're healthy.

Please reach out if you'd like to make an appointment with us.



Signs Your Bird Needs Care


Birds often tend to hide symptoms of illness until it's too late. We recommend paying attention to the following signs, which can indicate your bird needs medical attention:

Changes in posture

Changes in the health of feathers

Changes in behaviour

Changes in droppings

Changes in eating patterns

Changes in breathing

Changes in the beak or legs

Paying attention to the subtle signs can enable you to provide your bird with a fighting chance. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to make an appointment. Apart from this, you can view our testimonials to see how we've helped others in the past.

Contact Our Avian Vet in Scarborough


Our avian vet in Scarborough is always available to help. Please contact us to make an appointment today. You can view our blog to acquire information about caring for your pets.

Our avian vet in Scarborough will help you care for your pet bird.

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