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What You Need to Know About Exotic Pet Care

Have you ever dreamed of having an exotic pet? While having an exotic pet sounds exciting, many owners find they can't keep up with the expert care they need.

If you're considering adopting an exotic pet but aren't sure what caring for them entails, we will fill you in on what you can expect. Continue reading to explore everything you need to know about exotic pet care.

a cute little hedgehog


Proper diet is one of the biggest challenges with exotic animal care. Exotic animals tend to have more nuanced diets than those of your standard dog or cat. Without the knowledge of the animal's dietary needs, they may become malnourished, resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle and shorter lifespan.

Know their Natural Habitat

Every exotic pet should have an environment that resembles its natural habitat. Unlike dogs and cats, who have had hundreds of years to acclimate to the domesticated environment, exotic pets often spend time at the vet due to improper husbandry. Reptiles are a great example of this. While reptiles seem like simple pets to care for, they are used to living in warm climates and will not thrive without warmth in their new habitat.

Where They'll Live

Before bringing an exotic pet into your home, make sure you have a designated space for them to live. They should have a cage or enclosure that can mimic their natural habitat. It should be safe from other animals, and somewhere you can access it easily for regular cleaning.

Lifestyle and Temperament

As with any animal, you should choose an exotic pet whose behaviours and temperament align more closely with your lifestyle. If the animal is more active, it will need stimulation and regular attention, while a lazier, less social animal may be more low maintenance.

a parrot eating a piece of carrot


Caring for exotic pets is a long-term commitment. Do your research on the animals you're interested in and their expected lifespan. With proper care, many of these animals will live for several years and you should be prepared to care for them for the duration of their life.

Availability of Medical Care

Not every veterinary clinic is able to handle the care of exotic pets. Before committing to this kind of pet, you should see if there is a local exotic pet vet you can go to if they need any medical attention.

In the Scarborough area? Amherst Veterinary Hospital has vets for exotic pets on staff to care for your animal.


While some exotic pets are legal to own in Canada, owning a wild animal is often illegal. Before adopting any exotic animal, it's crucial to research the legalities in your area.

Come to Us for Exotic Pet Care in Scarborough

Exotic pet care can be a challenging commitment and often calls for additional knowledge to ensure the animal lives a good life and receives quality care. At Amherst Veterinary hospital, our trained staff knows how to handle and offer medical care to all kinds of exotic pets.

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