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Did you know a cat was once reunited with its owner 12 years after going missing? We hope you'll be reunited sooner if your pet ever goes missing. One of the best ways to ensure you get your pet back if they ever go missing is to have them microchipped. A pet microchip allows anyone who finds your pet to access information about their home and owner. Want to learn more about microchips and how they can improve pet safety? Read on for a quick guide.

What is a Pet Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny electronic device inserted under a dog's skin. While the chip is only about the size of a grain of rice, it can hold vital information, like a pet owner's name, address, and contact details. When veterinarians or animal control services find lost pets, they can quickly scan the chip and find out who the dog belongs to. There's no need to go around town putting up found dog posters. They can make a call to the owner and have them pick up their pet.

Will a Chip Hurt my Pet?

Getting a microchip for your pet is a quick and easy process. The process will cause very little pain equal to a standard shot. It will be over in no time, and your dog will hardly notice it.

How Microchips Work

Information is stored electronically on a microchip. When a handheld scanner is used on the chip, it will receive the stored information as a radio wave. It might sound complicated, but it's a rapid and easy process for anyone with the right equipment.

The Importance of Microchip Updating

A microchip is a fantastic pet technology that helps keep animals safe. But it won't work at all if the details stored in the microchip aren't kept up to date! If you move to a new house or change your contact details, you must change those details as soon as possible. If your pet were to go missing and your details weren't up to date, it would not be easy to return it to its rightful home. Similarly, if you've got a new pet, ensure they get microchipped as quickly as possible. Whether you've got a fresh kitten needing a completely new chip, or an old adopted hound who needs its chip details updating, it's vital you don't forget.

Get Quality Veterinary Services When you Need Them

Microchipping is a vital service that can make the difference between a pet being lost forever and a quick reunion. Since it's a quick and painless process, why not get a pet microchip today? Here at Amherst Veterinary Hospital, we've over 50 years of experience providing quality care to animals of all kinds. We've got you covered, from cats and dogs to lizards, parrots, and other large birds. Find out more about Amherst Veterinary Hospital's pet care services today.



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